Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Very Fairy Weekend

We don't watch too many movies with the girls but the Tinkerbell movies have always been a hit with them. We recently bought the newest Tinkerbell movie and as we were watching it yesterday. When we watched the extra features we saw some kids designing their own fairy houses. Not one to get an idea and drop it Lydia asked if we could make our own fairy houses and I said yes.

Here is Emma hard at work coloring and putting stickers on her fairy's home. She made a house for Tinkerbell.

Lydia chose to make one for Silvermist. Over all we had a good time doing the project and I like seeing them use their imaginations. It was nice to be a "yes" mom in this moment.

I also gave the girls their autumn sensory bin to play in and told them it was the autumn wood and their fairies could visit it. They loved it. I was glad to see Lydia enjoy it so much building Pixie Hollow tree and hiding places. Very fun.

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