Friday, October 8, 2010

Preschool - Letter E

E is for Elephant

E is for Elephant. We started with this really great shape elephant craft which inspired not only elephant themed activities but also shape review.

I printed out these wonderful shape matching cards from one of my favorite bloggers and had the girls match them. We also played memory with them several times. We have really been working on playing memory and Emma is getting better.

I made some counting cards. I love stamping and putting some of my supplies to use so I used an elephant stamp and stamped them on cardstock. Emma used a manipulative to place on each elephant to count them and then chose which number matched the number of elephants. She know how to count well and how to identify her numbers. Yay!

Next I introduced the girls to a salt box. They LOVED it! The girls played with them several times the first weekend and never complain when I give them an opportunity to use them. Lydia (5yrs.) has no problem keeping the salt in the box but Emma (3yrs.) needs to be reminded more firmly. I've definitely had to vacuum each time but they have loved it and if I can get them to practice writing it is worth it. I found the idea and info. on how to make it here.

We also played "Feed the Elephant" which is a game I made up. They had a really good time and we will visit it again in future weeks. Great week and lots of fun learning. I also set up stations for some fun self guided learning. I didn't get pictures but will be setting something like this up again soon.

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Also, I plan on introducing a new feature here soon called Musical Monday's in which I will post a simple song and activity so those who may be musically challenged can introduce their children to music at home. I will keep you posted.

But No Elephants by Jerry Smath
The Silly Swamp of Shapes
Curious George Feeds the Animals
The Saggy Baggy Elephant
And of course, Horton Hears a Who (we ended the week with family movie night watching this movie)

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