Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blessings

We spent the morning baking cookies for our neighbors. It was great fun and I love having fun with my girls.

We took a nice long bath and then delivered them to our neighbors. It was very cold outside so when we got back in we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Christmas Blessings everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

stArt - The runaway pancake

This week we read and listened to the book Marsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake" by John Lithgow. We did some gingerbread man activities this week and from my perspective this story has a similar storyline to the famous Gingerbread man story.

For the craft we simply painted a paper plate and added some googly eyes, a nose and a mouth. (I added some feet though the runaway pancake only rolled in the book.)

We also made some Puffy Oven Pancakes for dinner.

It was a great way to bring a fun story to life. The only down side is that once you have listened to the audio book you get the song stuck in your head.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preschool - Letters J and K

We had a very uneventful Jungle week so I am combining J and K. For Jungle week we did a very simple craft that I saw on Pocket full of Posies. We read lots of jungle books and did lots of puzzles but other than that nothing much.

This week for the letter K I used several printables from Making Learning fun. We painted this simple K is for Kite coloring page and then added popsicle sticks. After we were done with the craft I had the girls form letters with the sticks.

Emma woke up one day and asked if we could do school so we worked on this number tracing sheet.
This shape tracing sheet.

And this number matching sheet.

She was having such a good time that we continued to work on several other school type projects too.

We had a couple snow days, so I started a few of our Christmas ideas this week. We made some gingerbread playdough and a gingerbread man sticker craft. We had an afternoon where we focused on our stART activity this week as well.

We did some other alphabet kite matching upper and lower case letters. A kite magnet page and learned the song, Let's go fly a kite.

We continued our Jesse tree advent devotions in the evenings and read lots of books but none that matched the kite theme.

Thanks for reading! To find out about what others are doing in preschool at home check out Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations.

Wordless Wednesday - sisterly love

Lord, Bless my two daughters. Allow their hearts to remain steadfast in their love for You and for each other. Amen.

Never to young... learn how to organize a closet. Our hall toy closet was in need of some rearranging today and I gave my oldest daughter the task. She did a great job.

Here are a few shots of her hard and diligent work.

I love my girls!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Activities

I am excited about our advent activities this year. We are celebrating Advent with a Jesse Tree this year. The girls and I made a "mailbox" out of a paper bag and hung it on their wall. Each day they check their "mail" and I give them an ornament for our Jesse Tree. Being a paper crafter, I am making these myself but believe me when I say they are not elaborate.

I found inspiration for the Jesse tree here and she linked here for the devotions I decided to use. No pictures today of our first couple days but wanted to get the information out there for anyone who may want to do this before it is too late.

Blessings during this wonderful season!
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