Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Activities

I am excited about our advent activities this year. We are celebrating Advent with a Jesse Tree this year. The girls and I made a "mailbox" out of a paper bag and hung it on their wall. Each day they check their "mail" and I give them an ornament for our Jesse Tree. Being a paper crafter, I am making these myself but believe me when I say they are not elaborate.

I found inspiration for the Jesse tree here and she linked here for the devotions I decided to use. No pictures today of our first couple days but wanted to get the information out there for anyone who may want to do this before it is too late.

Blessings during this wonderful season!


  1. If you aren't crafty enough to design your own ornaments, one of the bloggers I follow has written an 80 page downloadable book, complete with devotions for every day of advent and beautifully illustrated colored ornaments that only need to be printed out. The beginning of the book also has a brief explanation of the Jesse Tree and the advent season.
    The book is free, but she does encourage you to make a donation to Compassion International if you download it, but it isn't required.
    The link to it is

  2. My husband just bought the Jesse Tree book! I hope it arrives soon!


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