Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

I have neglected this space for far to long.  In desiring to live an authentic life, one that focuses on what matters most to me, I have put this blog aside.  However, I do want to have some record of what goes on in the daily happenings of our little family and know that if even one person is encouraged by what they find here, then it is worth it.


We have tried, over the course of our girls lives, to make Christmas a memorable time.  Full of fun, family and of course, JESUS!  Last year we went through the Jesse Tree devotions and used an advent calendar with different activities every day in December.  We will be following a similar routine this year.  In addition, we will focus our traditional Sunday evening advent devotions on learning some Christmas carols.

After decorating the tree the girls set up their nativity.

Our Jesse Tree and Advent candles.

The girls also have a huge heart to serve our community.  Lydia in particular is a great helper and is always looking for ways to bless those around her.  While we serve dinner at the Union Mission this weekend (Dec. 1st) we will be caroling as well. If anyone is up to joining us, just let me know and we can work out the details.  All are welcome!

We will be spreading Christmas Hope and Joy throughout the community by using these RACK'ed cards and modifying them to be better suited to our needs.  My friend Lorrie made mention of this sight in her Advent post and there were some pretty great resources there for planning how you and your family can serve your community.

My friend Jennifer shared about how her family takes time to look through the Compassion Catalog for gifts.  I love it!  My mother bought Lydia blankets and Emma some chicks through World Visions gift catalog as those are both presents that remind her of them and give towards a need in the world.

I know how important it is for our children to see that Christmas is not primarily about material presents we get but about the Gift of God's love come down in the person of Jesus Christ.  I know that gift giving is often out of control this time of year, and though I am not a gift giving type person, I still have to battle the urge to give my kids more than they need.  I love this post I read on MODsquad blog about how this family is cultivating a new view of gift giving. It is so in line with my desire to give good gifts to my children but not focus on only the material things.

Mostly, at the end of the day I want to remember Christ is our Joy and our Hope.  Things get crazy, overwhelming and out of our control, but in the midst of it all, God is there.  He does not change and He is sovereign over all that happens.  I want to lift my eyes to Him this Christmas and give Him all praise and glory. 

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