Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Night - Joseph part 2

Well, we continued part two of the story of Joseph last night. We didn't have family night last week because the girls were both sick and it just didn't happen, such is life sometimes.

As I said last time, I love the story of Joseph and as a family we were focusing on what we can learn about attitudes from the story. Though there are so many core values I think you can learn from this story we focused on attitude. We reviewed the story and read it again from the girls bible. We underlined words that described the different attitudes of the characters in the story and also talked about ones that were implied in the story. For instances the brothers were jealous, angry and lied to their father. Joeseph was patient, loving, respectful, obedient and forgiving.

I came up with an idea to use an Attitude Stoplight as the prop to learn from this week. We started family night with a rousing game of Red light Green light. The girls loved it as it is one of their favorite games. We correlated the red light to those attitudes and behaviors that we need to stop. (anger, jealousy, lying, complaining, WHINING, rudeness, etc.) Then we correlated the green light with attitudes that are good to continue in. (loving, patience, forgiving, respect, listening, obeying, etc.) The yellow light symbolized this, Slow down, think and choose green. I wrote the girls suggested red and green attitudes on the traffic light prop and will hang it in the house. My desire is to recommend they visit the stop light when their attitude needs adjusted. I call it the Red Zone. When directed to this Red Zone they will have time to think about how they can change their attitude from "red" to "green".

I am hoping this post at least makes some sense. Let me know if you adapt the idea for your house and how it works. Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a great idea with the attitude stop light, that would have been amazing while I was teaching 4th graders :0)

  2. Hey Megan! It's Jenn (from MOPS)--I found your blog through Liz's and you have some great ideas on here :) Hope you don't mind I'm sneaking on and reading--I may steal some ideas!

  3. Oh I like this idea. I like how you put it with the Joseph story.


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