Friday, November 5, 2010

Preschool - Letter H

I was delighted to be able to babysit for a friend this week and have a 19 month boy in our house for 3 days. I had such a great time but didn't get many shots of our preschool activities because of the extra little person around. Here is what we did anyway despite no pictures.

H is for horse this week. We had a lot of fun, games, activities and learning but I don't have many pictures to show for it.

We worked on a horse shoe H craft (cut a horseshoe shape out of a sponge) then read the book I Wonder Why Horses Wear Shoes.

We also read Barney's Horse by Syd Hoff. After reading this book we took turns taking our toy horse and clippity clopping around our big alphabet mat. When the horse stopped it marked a letter and then we took turns saying what letter it was and what sound it made. Great review of letters.

I set up 3 different stations to rotate through.

1. Lacing farm animals.
2. Alphabet foam puzzle and matching mother/child farm animals.
3. Using jewel manipulative to count on 1-12 counting cards (can't remember where I found these) and a foam # puzzle.

We read the following books:
A city horse by Anna Cicero
Breyer Stablemates - Penny
Disney Princess - A Pony for a Princess
Usborne - Horses&Ponies
Slide and Find on the Farm
My Little People Farm lift the flap book
And several My Little Pony books

In never fails that I tend to either have too many ideas to fit in a week or too few. I will probably make horse trail mix tonight or tomorrow for a special snack. Hope you are having fun learning at home too. Thanks for visiting!

To find out what other preschool kids are doing check out Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations.

Fall acorn sorting and patterning.

Alphabet puzzle time. Both girls are great puzzlers!

Sisterly Love. I can't get enough of it.

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