Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preschool - Letter I

I is for Ice Cream and, lets face it, who doesn't like ice cream!

We had a great week of learning here. We started the week with this wonderful print out which I turned into an art project from Making Learning Fun. The girls wanted to keep decorating their papers and would have put sprinkles on every square inch (which they almost did.)

I really wanted to focus on numbers to solidify #1-10 identification.

I made some ice cream hopscotch cards. The girls called out the number as they jumped on them, then I switched them and they did it again so it wasn't just numerical order but also real identification.

I also used some foam puzzles and had the girls separate numbers from letters.

We stacked "Ice Cream Buckets"

We played "Ice Cream Shop" just for some imaginary fun.

We made an ice cream craft with melted crayons and wax paper.

We did this ice cream cone dot to dot and this ice cream counting/number match.

We read lots of books this week but really, none were specific to our ice cream theme. We did read a couple books in the Rainbow Magic Fairies series, The Party Fairies. Not my personal favorite or even a recommendation but it's what we did.

Lots of fun activities and some serious number review.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love all the ice cream activities! The hopscotch looked cool. Thanks for sharing! (visiting from Preschool Corner)

  2. My post this week is on letter I (we post 1 week behind). Looks like ya'll had a great week! I'm stopping by from the Homeschool Creations link up.


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