Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Reading - Shiloh

In our house we all love to read.  Books are part of our daily life and we spend lots of time reading, both together and alone.  Each day this summer we have been taking time to have read-aloud time.  Though I read aloud to the girls each day anyway I wanted to designate some more difficult and/or more classic literature into their lives.  Our first read-aloud this summer was Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

The girls enjoyed this book about a boy and his adventures to keep an abused dog.  We enjoyed that it was set in West Virginia.  There are certainly aspects of the book that are little bit older than my girls may understand but that is why it is a great book for a read-aloud, I can help explain or teach them about what is going on.

We used this website for some reading comprehension and activities. We also got a book about beagles from the library and did some preschool dog activities before I passed them on to a friend. We are waiting to rent the movie from the library but haven't gotten around to it.

We've read several other books and I promise I took at least a few pictures of the activities.  But, since I didn't have my camera when we did these activities and I didn't want to stage the photos her are a few random pictures just because my girls are cute. Who do you think they get their silliness from?

You guessed it. Daddy!

So, what books do you and your children enjoy reading together? 

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  1. We read about 7 Thorton Burgess Classics this past school year and the kids loved every minute of every single one of them! Passed them along to Hunter and he read each one in about a day. Not sure if girls would like them..but boys certainly do. All written around the turn of the century and filled with great life and moral lessons.


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