Friday, July 13, 2012

Free and Frugal Fun

Lots of free, frugal fun today. 

We started out the day at Barnes & Noble for a FREE cookie we received a coupon for.  As a kids club member each child gets a gift certificate for a FREE cupcake or cookie for their birthday.  This was Lydia's gift certificate week. 
Each girl also picked up their FREE book for completing the Barnes & Noble summer reading program.

Giant Reese Cup Cookie

 After that, we met up with some friends at Chick-fil-a to celebrate cow day.  If you dress like a cow today you get a FREE meal.  The girls got FREE kids meals and I got a FREE value meal with a milkshake.  Can't beat that.  Just for dressing up like a cow.  Fun memories and good food.

Lauren, DJ, Emma, Lydia and me

Posing at home before we went.
I then picked up my FREE prescription for an antibiotic at Giant Eagle.  I am taking it to Africa as a precaution for treatment of Cholera or other various bacterial infections I may pick up while there.

I wanted to pick up a FREE drink from Starbucks but when I saw the line I was not willing to wait.  Besides, I had already had a milkshake and didn't feel that I needed it.

We ended our day by stopping by Aldi's to pick up some cheap food.  Not FREE but anyone who has ever shopped their knows that it is definitely frugal. All in all we had a fun day.  What are you favorite free activities to participate in?

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