Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Art Series: Color

Lydia is very interested in art so this summer we are having art lessons at home.  We started our art series out by studying color.

The girls both made a color wheel with paint.

 Then we spent a lot of time having fun with medicine droppers and food coloring.  They spent a great deal of time enjoying mixing all the various colors.

I am so far from being an art expert.  In fact I am a pretty awful artist but I found a lot of great resources at the libarary and some online resources as well. 

I found an entire series called How Artists Use by Paul Flux.  The series includes 4 book that we are going through.  I also borrowed Getting To Know All About Art which is a playaway view all in one video player which has four different videos which seem to go right along with the books.

My favorite web site that I am using for the summer is Mrs. Browns Art Class.

Feel free to let me know about other great resources. 

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