Tuesday, January 18, 2011

stArt - While The World Is Sleeping

This week we are talking about birds and what better way to introduce the week than by feeding them so we have some to look at and observe.

We read the book While the World is sleeping by Pamela Duncan Edwards. It is a nice story about different animals and their nighttime habits.

First we dried out bread by leaving it out all day. Then we used cookie cutters (we used a large heart) to cut the bread. We poked a hole in the bread and I tied a piece of string through the hole. Then we spread peanut butter on the dry bread.

After we spread the p.b. on the bread we dipped it in birdseed.

Then we hung them up on the birdfeeder.

We did this project in the late afternoon and when we woke up in the morning they were one. It is my belief that we didn't feed the birds but the deer! Either way it was a fun simple activity. I think our picture window and birdfeeder are the best form of entertainment.

Funny story about our birdfeeder..... one day last spring Lydia remarked that she was "bored" and then added "I think I will go watch the birds." I thought it was hilarious because most people (no one in this house) would consider watching birds a very boring activity.

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  1. Oh your bird food looks yummy!! We made some a few weeks back and I don't think the birds liked it :-(

    Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!! :-)


  2. Love the boring comment:-) Great project too! Kerri


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