Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preschool - N is for nest

N is for nest ..... or nightingale. I couldn't really decide since we talked about all different kinds of birds.

Not too original on the craft here but still turned out pretty cute. I just drew a "nest" shape and let the girls put multi-colored tissue paper in it. We added an "N bird" just for fun.

We actually did a lot of activities for bird week including this bird feeding activity but I have almost no pictures to show for it.

Emma matched colors with color words. She is still working on pinching the clothes pins to the card. On a side note: the box provided a great deal of entertainment for her as well. Opening and closing, locking and unlocking.

We also did an activity where we sorted all our stuffed animals into pets vs. wild animals.

Sorry there is not much more in depth review of our week but I really like to have pictures to go along with explaining what we did so just trust me when I say it was a good week but we have little to show for it.

Thanks for reading.

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