Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: Getting to do what I love

Today I am grateful that I get to spend my life doing what I love. I'm thankful for the passion God has given me for teaching. When I stop to think about it I recognize that I've been a teacher my whole life. Though I've had a long break from classroom teaching, I've never missed out on seizing the opportunities that have come my way in my home, church and community. While it is certainly my heart to be the primary teacher in my own kids lives I can't help but find great joy in touching the lives of the other kids I get to meet in life. Most recently I've been a substitute and a one day a week art teacher (k-6th). I'm loving every minute and hope the kids are having some fun.

I don't have an art room but I do have a door!

6th grade tree silhouettes

2nd grade scarecrows

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