Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Remembering

I often have random thoughts and experiences I want to share. Then life happens and I forget to share. Even worse are the times I forget what it is that I wanted to share in the first place! Either way I know that I want to be better at remembering things, chronicling the events of our lives as they come and go.

"Moms seem wired to be Remember-ers.....All this remembering is for good, in God's purposes. As moms, we can be Remember-ers and Reminders for our families. From their infancy, we begin to catch glimpses of who our children are, especially their unique strengths." (Carol Kuyendall, Five-Star Families)

The desire to remember seems much deeper when I take seriously the role of being a reminder. That's what I want to be. I have some great examples of remember-ers around me.  I have friends who scrapbook.  Friends who write and journal regularly about funny things their kids said or the entertaining activities of the day.  I even have one friend who writes a letter to her children every month.  Now that is impressive.  Me? I know there are random slips of papers lying around my house that have something written down. The girls baby books are barely touched. There are pictures of most, but not all, major events.  I even have blog posts here that act to jog my memories of days gone by. Mostly, my style is random.  As such, I am going to embrace my random remembrances and take the opportunity every so often to dump a bunch of random into this space. If you like, feel free to laugh along, learn something new and be part of our family's stories.

Hoppy - still not as smart as God apparently

A recent lunch conversation between Lydia and Emma.
Lydia: "Well, if Mommy doesn't know how we can always as Daddy."
Emma: "Yeah. And if he doesn't know we can ask Granddad."
Lydia: "Then we could ask Hoppy."
Emma: "And if he doesn't know, God does, cause God knows everything."

So, there you go.  The lineage of knowledge according to the girls.

The girls discovered a worm outside and quickly named her "Tickles".

Emma got this balloon animal in school a few weeks ago.  At one time is was a giraffe and you can tell that in the time since, it has become quite deflated.  The tenderness of her heart though just can't let go of it.  I want to always remember her tenderness and empathetic ways. (Even if it means keeping a deflated balloon animal around way past it's prime!)

Not every moment bring about such fun and friendship between these two.  I know that every relationship experiences ups and downs, struggles and hardships.  This photo of a game of Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum, is a random reminder that sisters should be friends. (Dear Lord, I pray that Lydia and Emma would nourish and care for their friendship and that You would draw their hearts to one another always.)

That's enough randomness for today. Be blessed!

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