Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Slump (what we've been up to)

I started off strong with regular posts in January and February then March hit.  Can you say slump?  Oh how I long for the sun, warmth and green of Spring.  Here's hoping it really is just around the corner.

Regardless of the regularity of my posting, life has continued around here.  Never a dull moment and lots of connection going on.

Our newest obsession: Board Games.  We were gifted with some unexpected funds so we went all out and bought two incredibly fun games to play as a family.  Justin and I both love playing them together and Lydia can't get enough.

Ticket to Ride (my favorite!)

Three Players makes it interesting.

Ticket to Ride - Africa Expansion. In our house this includes praying for the cities we are traveling between


If you like board games I would definitely recommend checking these out. I had a blog planned about how we surprised the girls with a scavenger hunt to find these games, but this will have to do.

Random March pictures:

Forts and book.  Lots and lots of books!

Cushion mazes

Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Emma

Easter Pictures:

We had an "unplugged" week leading up to Easter so I made these pillow case covers so they would have a soft cushion to carry around wherever they wanted.

All different symbols of the Easter story

Resurrection Cake

Easter Egg Hunt with Mana

The Cousins annual Easter Egg Hunt Picture

Teaching Hoppy and Mana Ticket to Ride

Hoppy and his two girls

Mana and the girls looking at Resurrection Eggs

Mom, me, Lydia and Emma after church

Thanks for reading and catching up with whats going on in our litter corner of the world.  Blessings!

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