Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preschool - O is for Ocean

O is for ocean. We had a great week (even if I am behind in posting it). Lots of great activities for learning with an ocean theme. Here is a sampling of our at home learning.

Lydia had a lot of fun with her shell collection. We put pearls in each shell and matched the number word with the correct number of pearls. We also did some addition with the pearls as manipulatives.

Emma sorted large and small shells.

We finger painted an ocean scene and put on ocean themed stickers to complete it. I have to confess, I consider myself a fairly crafty person but this is the first time I have ever finger painted with the girls. I made the paint from a recipe online and the girls used almost all of it. We will definitely be doing this again soon.

We had imaginary play with these mermaid felt cutouts and book but I also used number cards to match the number of mermaids on the board. We played by both finding the right card and/or the right amount of merpeople.

O is also for opposites. Great game I found at the Dollar Tree. Gotta love that store!

Octopus snack made with banana, chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Number word shell match.

I also made a game to match color words. Used some pages from an ocean coloring book, cut them out, colored them different colors and had the girls match the color words to the right color sea creature. I am thinking of making this into a file folder game for our beach vacation this summer.

I had so many different activities planned for the week that we didn't even get to them all. I will have to revisit the ocean again in the near future.

Have fun learning!

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