Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pre-school - Letter A

Well, I started preschool with Emma last week and found out we are still trying to figure out a new routine without having Lydia around. I planned several activities we didn't even get to so I will try to put them in another time.

I am currently working on a letter of the week curriculum straight through the alphabet. Here were the activities and crafts I did or had planned.

A is for apples.

Girls cut strips of paper and glued on a blank apple template. Good scissor skills activity.

Learning fun:

1. Sequencing from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest. Print out of different size apples.
2. Patters with several different color apples. I made patterns for them to copy and to finish. Also, had them make patterns. (got the apples from the Dollar Tree teachers section)
3. Wrote the alphabet on apples and hid some "worms" under them. They identified the letters and if the apple had a worm in it they got a chocolate chip as a sweet reward.
4. Wrote the letters of their names on the apples and had them spell their names.
5. I made a file folder game with worms and apples to review counting and numbers but never really used it.

Apples, apples - talks about different kinds of apples and the parts of an apple and a few different recipes (we didn't try).
Ten apples up on top - we played don't let the apple drop with a big red balloon. The girls really liked both catching it and trying to hit it to keep it up. This was a big hit. We also counted apples on top of their heads.
Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple - I got this book from the library. It was a cute story about a mouse who didn't want to share his apple but in the end realized (even if forced to) that sharing is a much better way.
The Giving Tree - a favorite of mine that I remember from my preschool days.

No pictures this week and probably not next week either but maybe someday.

If you want to use or borrow any of the supplies I have just let me know.

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  1. We are doing some apple activities soon too :) I just borrowed Ten Apples Up On Top from our library too.


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