Saturday, February 1, 2014


Here's a peek into how our family is growing together in the Lord this year:

Memorization wall: Each week we review verses that we are working on or already know. Each new verse memorized means the clothes pin moves up the chart.  I converted this beautiful free printable growth chart by covering the growth marks with scrapbook paper, stickers and borders.  I love how it is great motivation to the girls and to me.

I had it on my heart this year to teach the girls a solid foundations of hymns. There are so many I love and find inspiring and I believe my kids should grow up with that heritage. As I began to look, I found this website that had compiled quite a few of the hymns that I desire to teach this year. I have made my own printables to go with them and am amazed how much the girls are enjoying it.

Each day our family has been reading scripture from The One Minute Bible.  This is a copy I've had since I was in High School. I know there are so many great devotional resources and children's Bibles available. In fact, there are so many I find it overwhelming at times. For now, this is working beautifully. Each day the girls are asking questions about what they are hearing and I pray this is whetting their appetite to want more of the scriptures.

Along with our scripture readings every night, we are writing down what we are grateful for in our gratitude journal.  We've talked about how as a family it is easy to rattle off things that we grateful for in general but it's my desire to practice more specific gratitude.  What specifically happened each day that we are thankful for.  I believe that there is incredible benefit in counting the small daily blessings as every good and perfect gift comes from above. (James 1:17)

One aspect of faith that is of greater struggle for our family is prayer. I always pray with the girls individually before bed but getting to "heart prayers" is still something we are growing in. Due to several "heavy" life circumstances going on in our family right now, I can sense that the girls are truly sincere, but it is my prayer that they would learn how to truly let their hearts come before God and bare their souls.  Personally, I am slowly journalling and praying through the Psalms and am finding such great peace, conviction and passion in my prayer life. As a family, I hope that we can all learn to live our lives in unending prayer. One tool I do have are these JOY cards, but I am not consistent in using them. I guess maybe this post will serve as a form of accountability to begin using them more.

I pray that you are finding ways to grow in the Lord with your loved ones. Please feel free to share any resources you have found helpful in your family's spiritual walk. And if anyone is interested in what I come up with over the year with our hymn study just let me know.


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  1. Great ideas Megan. I love the growth chart and would love to do something similar! Gratitude journals is a great idea too. Some of the things we adopted this year are:
    1. We have a pray spot on the way to school When we get to a certain intersection on our drive to school it is a reminder to pray together before we start our day.
    2. We got some mealtime devotions (Adventure In Odyssey) from Focus on the Family and we are really liking those
    3. We have the virtue cards from Wechoosevirtues and we have game show buzzers. We try to memorize the virtue definitions and scriptures and make a game out of it. The kids love it!

    Great post! I hope to incorporate some of your great ideas!


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