Saturday, October 12, 2013

Surviving on smiles, laughs and a whole lot of grace

I must admit, laughter doesn't come naturally to me. I love to laugh and take opportunities everyday to do so, but my natural disposition is not particularly carefree and comical.  Due to current life circumstances I know just how important it is to laugh and smile everyday.  I'm stressed, overwhelmed and a whole lot of other things right now so I am taking a moment to document how I'm surviving on smiles, laughs and a whole lot of grace right now.

Lydia lost her 9th tooth last week. She left this endearing note for the "tooth fairy". It made me smile. I was also dog tired and needed to go to bed early. In order not to forget my tooth fairy duties (as I have before) I went in early only to find out she had just turned off the light and was still awake.  Ah well, I'm glad the note assured me I didn't ruin her fun as she already knows I play the role of tooth fairy.

Lot's of love with a side of extortion!

The girls and I went on a nature walk and had fun throwing rocks, counting landmarks to retrace our steps and using super human strength to break rocks.

I am also grateful that my friends make me smile! My journey to understanding friendship in adulthood has been such a learning and growing experience but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have women in my life who I can really count on and depend on for the things that really matter. Two beautiful orange mums (my favorite) greeted me at the door this week, a gift from a friend. Her kindness and compassion for me during a very difficult season were a reminder of just how much I am loved.

Most importantly I am experiencing the grace of God in the "daily" of life. The kind notes from friends who care, the encouragements from my children that they love me, the support of a faithful and Godly husband. God is teaching me, molding me and shaping me into who He wants me to be. And though I am in a season of pain and confusion right now I have never had as strong a hope. Hope that is secure because it does not depend on my circumstances or the people in my life but it stands secure in the person of Jesus Christ. I am known, loved and recieved just as I am by the Savior of the world, that truly is a whole lot of grace.


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