Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer: Off to a great start

To celebrate the end of school we decided to spend the first day of summer vacation at the park. In fact we had a cousins day at the park by inviting Lydia and Emma's cousins to join us.  We had a great day running, swinging, rolling down the hill (I'm not as young as I once was!) climbing and laughing together.  The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we found a really fun hiking trail behind the park. We've played at this park for years and never knew it was there so, yay for adventure!

Now enough about the details, here are the pics!

One Climbing tree at the park

Rolling fun (sure is a big hill)

Just Hangin' around and having fun

We had a "treemendous" time (all these cousins are full of puns)


Twizzler fun

Emma's friend Winter

twisting around

riding the waves on Winter

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures, especially the group one by the tree and the one following it!!! :)


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