Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Sanity: Giveaway

Apparently my lack of posts over the past week proves I need to build a little more margin and space into my life. Maybe instead of "Summer Sanity" it should just be called, "Serenity Now!". (Any die hard Seinfeld fans reading?) Anyway, I wanted to let you know about the giveaway I  am running here at Parenting Beyond this month.  This month I am giving away a Summer Sanity Basket.

The Summer Sanity Basket includes:
  • KoolPops - for all those hot days!
  • Water Ball Sling Shooter
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Paper Plates/plastic utensils - at least you won't have to do dishes for 1 night!
  • The Mommy Diaries - Finding Yourself in the Daily Adventure (devotion book)

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post with your best sanity saving tip. Anytime you comment on a post in this series (specifically tagged "Summer Sanity") you will earn an extra entry. The winner will be selected randomly and announced on June 1st 2013.*

Now, to get the ball rolling I'll share one of my sanity saving tips.

Why leave all the hunting of brightly colored treasures for Easter time? Around here we go hunting for hidden treasures all year long.  Every year when we prepare our flower bed gardens we find rocks in our soil. Our idea: take some bright colored paint, decorate the rocks and then take turns hiding and finding. It's always a good time to hide and find.

Now it's your turn. Go!

For anyone who does not share a fondness for Seinfeld, here is a Serenity Now clip to see for yourself.


*Giveaway for Continental US Residents only. Thanks.


  1. We bought kid-sized garden tools so that Jules can help with the flowers and veggie garden. I get the gardening done, and she is occupied by digging dirt!

  2. I got Halle a too small for her Radio Flyer Tricyle for $5 at a yard sale. She has got her $5 out of it and then some lol.

  3. small igloo water cooler with water dispenser for the porch. fill it up each morning and put some kids cups beside it so they aren't running in and out all day long.

    pop up garden bag for kids--our kids are big enough to help pull weeds, collect sticks and rake the grass up in the yard..but not big enough to push a wheelbarrel. they love to help and these garden bags are light--yet hold a lot--so they can drag it around and dump it without you getting invovled.

    help wanted ad on fridge for odd jobs around the house--watering plants, collecting/taking trash out, picking spent flowers off, cleaning/sweeping porch...etc. teaches value of a dollar, keeps them busy and helps you

    freezer pops--keep a pair of scissors in the freezer beside the box so they kids can get'em and go

    RESTTIMEs..MANDATORY every day at the same time if at home...GOOD FOR reading and alone time is always needed for everyone yet seldom requested

  4. Boy, I hope you don't pick by the greatness of the idea. I'm a little lacking. With three boys who are always active, we dug a big ditch out in our field. The boys have already spent tons of time pretending to be superheros, playing with action figures and, well, let's face it, just rolling around happily in dirt. We're also big fans of squirt guns here. Helps with too much energy and cooling off.


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