Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Fun

Actually, a fever is getting in the way of the fun today but we had lots of fun leading up to today.

We began the month with a family night (yes, we still do those even if I don't post them) about emotions/feelings.  I downloaded this preschool lapbook from Carrissa at 1+1+1=1.  I just put all the emotions on a regular piece of poster board and we had fun discussing all the emotions/feelings.  I encouraged the girls to understand that none of these emotions are wrong in and of themselves but that what we do with them matters.  We practiced what we should do when we feel angry or frustrated and chose some constructive ways to deal with our emotions. 

I also reused the "love bug" from last year.  Throughout the month as I see the girls handling their emotions well they get to add a dot to the ladybug.  They have been doing well and just having this chart to look at helps them identify what they are feeling and put words to it.  I think we will keep it up longer than just this month.

We have also been counting down to Valentine's day with a countdown calendar that I made.  Same concept as my Advent calendar but with a different Valentine idea for each day.  I also printed out these cute love Bible verses from the Happy Home Fairy and we have been reading one each night at dinner.

My parents,  my sister and brother in law and their kids came over on Saturday.  We made a care package to send to my sister in Nevada.  We also played eskimo bingo with the kids.  They had so much fun just being together.  We ate lunch and decorated our own cupcakes for dessert.  Something as simple as that was a huge highlight for all the kids.  They thought it was great to spread, sprinkle and eat. 

The only picture I took all day.  "The Cousins" as we call them in our house.

We will end the today with a scavenger hunt for a very small present for each of the girls.  Fun for all!

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