Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Lydia has been wanting one of these for a long time and was very excited to finally get a purse to color.

Littlest Pet Shop - always a big hit

Perler beads - definite favorite

Both the girls got a decorate your own Littlest Pet Shop

Sparkle shoes and Twinkle Toes! (Thanks to a great clearance price this mama found)

Read along princess books and cd's

Look and find style book - very magical

More LPS

Emma can't be left out of the coloring fun

Gifts from Mana and Hoppy - Little Ponies and LPS

Lydia wants to learn how to sew so we are starting with this kit

Final Product

They did a great job - Lydia really does have quite the artistic eye
We had a simple and very blessed Christmas.  We are not huge gift givers and toys are not the way to my girls heart.  Quality time and the touch they both crave are far more suited to crafts and games than toys.  My Christmas gift this year was the tree you see in the background. Justin surprised me one day and went to Sam's and got it for me.  I love it! Justin and I rarely get anything for each other so it was a really nice treat.  Hope you had a fun Christmas and that you have a blessed new year.

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