Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parenting Beyond

All right, here is the deal. I read a great parenting book this summer titled Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. It was such a breath of fresh air for my parenting soul. By no means have I read a large amount of parenting books as my philosophy is that if I've read a couple really good ones then my job is simply to put that information to good consistent use. That being said I enjoyed this book so much because rather than a do, do, do mentality I went away with a desire to just plain be. Be available, be engaged, be open, be honest and part of that being is sharing. The 2 biggest thoughts I took with me from the book were, 1. I am the most important influence in my children's lives. 2. I am not the only influence they need.

I lave long held the philosophy that we as parents are the greatest influence and most important teachers our children will ever have, but that I am not the only person they need was a bit newer for me. It would seem that someone who has worked in children's ministry over half their life like I have would be a bit quicker to that realization but I was not. It did not take long for me to completely embrace that philosophy and pursue relationships in my own life that ensure my kids have other Godly people in their life to influence them. It also relieved what for me had become an unfortunately overwhelming misconception that it all rests on my shoulders. I unfortunately fell easily into the trap that I needed to create, inspire, teach, formulate and produce a product of spirituality for my kids to buy and that I, as a perfectionist, needed to do this on my own in a way that others could use as an example. I know, I know, ridiculous but true.

So, where does that leave me today? I have a few people who have asked for a peek into my life and blogging is a medium we all share so this is how I am showing them what I do at home. Others of you are more than welcome to look as well. I want to make it clear that most of the ideas I post have been gathered from other sources. I regularly visit several blogs and regularly use some books and hard copy resources I find helpful. As a teacher I often add my own flair and creativity to the materials I collect but will try to spell out what we do as a family to the best of my abilities.

Right now, in this season of life I have a 3 year at home who I am homeschooling through preschool and I have a 5 year old kindergartner in public school. Currently I am homeschooling preschool and just started a letter of the week curriculum that I am using. Many of the activities also work for my kindergartner and keep her entertained. I also plan a weekly family night which is basically a fun, Bible focused lesson for the entire family. I love teaching and hope that as we all focus on our families growing to love God more that you use this blog as a way to be encouraged and recognize that gathering ideas from other people helps us all parent beyond our own capacities.

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